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23 avril 2015 4 23 /04 /avril /2015 15:14

What a trip this was. I have traveled throughout New England, across Europe, to the west coast, to the south coast, but this was completely different. It began with a quick flight from TF Green in Providence to Chicago and then Indianapolis. We met a friend for lunch and then were picked up by my beau’s parents. Did I mention this was my first time meeting them? If they didn’t like me they probably could have fed me to the coyotes (and if I hadn’t found a way to get coffee by day two I probably would have let them).

The first day it was a bit chilly, it being April and the weather remarkably similar to what it is in New England. Our first stop was his great grandfather’s farm that they used to store hay and sort cattle (the cows looked wary as we approached). After the sorting, we set off on the four wheeler and I got my first glimpse of some of the other farms. It was a quick bumpy ride from one fence to the next but somehow I managed to make a mental note of all the places I wanted to go back and photograph.

The next day we planned a trip to Evansville, home to his alma mater and a few miles shy of Kentucky. There, we visited his old campus, met up with some of his friends and had a chance to sample some of the local brews. The next morning we thanked them and headed back to Sunman.

The fourth day, a Monday, was a welcome calm after the hustle and bustle of traveling and meeting new people. His parents and brother were at work so we woke to an empty house and I had a chance to make some coffee and watch the news. After breakfast, we took the four wheeler over to his grandmother’s house where she was ready with a(nother!) fresh cup of coffee for me and hugs and kisses for her grandson. She asked me all about what I did, if I was having a nice time and did I want another cup of coffee? Spaghetti? Garlic bread? She was wonderful.



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