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1er Octobre 2007 - New Jersey

Last night my husband and I were in the kitchen. I was facing him, talking to him. It was around 6 pm. All of a sudden this bright, bright light was shining in my eyes. I couldn't see his face anymore. It was there for a split second and then burst into little lights making a crackling and popping sound. It was like the flash on a camera only brighter. He had the same experience from where he was standing. We checked the lights in the kitchen and the rest of the downstairs of the house. Nothing was blown out. The light was blinding, it was so bright.

Last Friday, our new ceiling fan stopped working for no reason.

Last week, our new puppy was fixed on our headboard barking at something only he could see. He was barking and growling at the headboard. There was nothing that I could see there. When I put him on the floor, he just ran back up to the spot on the bed and kept growling and barking at something he was seeing. This was 3PM. Our bedroom is on the second floor, so it wasn't anything outside and we don't have a neighbor next to us.

About a month ago we were watching Taps. One of our printers (which we no longer use) turned on and printed out a blank page. The computer was not on and no one was near it. That was really eerie.

We have had other experiences in the past - a few years back. Stereo turning on for no reason in the middle of the night.

I am really becoming concerned that there is activity in our house.

Bright Light in New Jersey

Bright Light in New Jersey

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